More SHTF in Dayton, Ohio

Sitting in my local coffee shop this morn (grading some of your papers!), I decided to read the Dayton City Paper and came upon this article:

It’s curious how the election of a black man of Kenyan descent with an Arabic name brought out the nastiness of  American White Protestant Millennial thinking? These sorts of people have been awaiting the end of the world for a LONG time–one would think they would get tired of it, but they never do. Apparently in its latest incarnation, millennial thought considers Obama to be a Muslim non-American and THAT fact makes him the Antichrist. Think about that–especially those of my students who ARE Muslim. Right-wing White Christian thinking in the USA includes those who believe that an American president MUST be Christian and white, and that the USA is a White, Christian Nation–even though the US Constitution expressly forbids the establishment of a state religion in the VERY FIRST Amendment to the Constitution, dating back to 1791. These people also think that Obama has established concentration camps for dissidents.

Ultimately, they aren’t worried that the world might have a global catastrophe. Rather, they HOPE that it will soon. It’s a very dangerous time we’re living in–the crazies, who have always been with us, are coming out of the woodwork.


3 responses to “More SHTF in Dayton, Ohio

  1. Hello. My name is Tim Walker, and I wrote the article you referenced in this post.

    I just wanted to thank you for the link and for writing about the piece.

    Yes, these are certainly scary times we live in.

    • Thanks, Mr. Walker. I enjoyed your article, although the subject makes my blood boil. I post this kind of information on my course blog in the hope that students will connect the critical thinking we do on historical subjects in class to current events.

      The sort of American Protestant Millennial thinking that leads to the sort of strangeness we see among the “preppers” is intimately connected to the emergence of Protestant confessions in the early modern world. The crises of that time clearly encouraged a sort of faith that eagerly awaits the end days.

      But I really want to take these fellows by the shoulders and shout at them: “Just because you believe something doesn’t make it true! You should be ashamed and abashed to entertain such ignorant, irrational, and hateful beliefs.”

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